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PHP Wizard Robert Plank Takes You By the Hand Step-by-Step With "Lightning PHP"... Introducing 7 Action-Packed Videos That Show How to Use Databases With Your Web Scripts!

From: Robert Christopher Plank
Date: June 6, 2007
Where: Turlock, California, USA

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I just want to tell you that I have had some problems setting up scripts in the past. Now I have quite a few of the PHP packages that you offer and they have been easy to install plus I learn something in the process.

With the videos and the PDF instructions you include in most packages I am learning to get around in the scripts and make some of the modifications that I need from time to time.

The Lightning PHP grocery list training helped me to understand how PHP and mySQL databases work together and how easy it is to set them up.

I am also really happy with the Supercharged PHP Template package that I got from you last week. It's hard to believe how good the web sites look, and they are so easy to setup.

Ken Toulou

Hello Robert,

As usual, a whole bunch of brilliant stuff in Lightning PHP, but the one I use the most is the Traffic Tagger. Think very expensive landing page software for literally cents on the dollar.

Oh, and the throwaway on how to simply avoid SQL injection attacks - brilliant!


Robert Plank just keeps delivering the real stuff, seemingly without limit.

Lighting PHP takes you out of the classroom and into the world of a first class programmer. You won't just learn how powerful PHP becomes when used with MySQL, instead, Robert gives you real-world applications, then takes you through how they work. He leaves you with tools you can actually use.

You will see that he clearly knows his stuff, because instead of getting bogged-down, he keeps the pace brisk, on topic and always with "What's In It For You" in mind. The accompanying videos naturally enhance the book - there will be imitators soon, I'd lay money on it.

Don't waste your time and money buying cheapo less-than-ten-dollar scripts that have been re-packaged to look like something they aren't and that come with little, or no support. Most times, I spend about two minutes looking at his latest offer and simply click the buy now button, before the price goes up.

I've had no reason to regret that strategy so far and Lightning PHP is no exception.

Mike Russell

We were able to learn enough using Lightning PHP to find some free scripts and customize those just so for our site.

We had NO knowledge of PHP before we got the lightning PHP package. You made it so clear how PHP worked, that we were able to customize a couple other scripts.

Without Lightning PHP, we never would have dared.

Amy and Gary Hutton

Another great package from Robert. My favorite part of Lightning PHP absolutely has to be the 3 part Comment Commander script.

Having the ability for site visitors to add comments on whatever page you want makes for wonderful marketing by increasing interaction which tightens the relationship which means enhanced stickiness.

With the massively evolving web, who doesn't want that?


I bought Lightning from you a while ago. Just as all of your "php product line" packages do, it jumpstarted my understanding of how powerful and useful PHP is.

My own website is still in construction, but you can believe that I intend to utilize all I've learned!

Rich Joyce

Why Can't I Learn MySQL On My Own?

mySQL is easy enough for you to learn on your own... but there are a few dangerous obstacles I need to show you how to avoid...

Why Robert Is Qualified

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this course show me how to setup PHP and mySQL on my computer?
A: No. It shows you how to use the tools that are already setup for your on your web host.

Q: Do I really have to "learn" this stuff to use it?
A: Learning is optional. If you want, you can watch the videos and see how the scripts were made, then edit the source code I've provided to get it to do what you want. If you want more of an explanation, the PDF e-book is always there to help you out.

Q: Is it hard learning PHP and mySQL at the same time?
A: No. In fact when I first learned PHP, in the year 2000, I learned PHP at the same time I learned mySQL.

Q: Is using a database more work than using flat files?
A: No. Just the opposite. With databases you will spend more time dragging and dropping things in your web site's control panel and less time writing PHP code. As a result you will write less programming code and it will be easier to debug later.

Q: How long will this take?
A: You can learn the basics of mySQL in under an hour. You can learn the rest in an afternoon or two. SQL is very similar to English, and there are pretty much only four things you can do: read, insert, update, and delete content from a database. 90% of the time we're reading and nothing else. Very simple.

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